Monday, October 25, 2010

LadyArse Arsenal Caption Competition 3.73

So here it is folks, back for the season, and as that's a long 'aul haul I shall be breaking it up in to two competitions.
We will have a mid-season 'winner' - so whoever is top of the league on December 31st will win a Tshirt. The league will continue on from then, so all points won up until December 31st will carry forward and the overall winner will be announced the day after our last league match. The winner will receive a LadyArse Goodie Bag, which is far better than it sounds (and you can all waste some time speculating what will be in it). Second and third place will also get prizes, so there is all to play for.
The rules are as they've always been. The funniest caption will get three points, the second funniest one and the league table will be published with Friday's blog every week. That's 28 points up for grabs every week of the season and you will find the picture published at 12pm GMT every day. As always, if you post as Anon and don't include a name Anon will get the points and you'll have no chances of getting a prize.
It's worth noting that once I've allocated the points for the week and published the league I won't be considering any new entries for those captions. You can still post them, but you won't get any points.

Please click here to go to the new website for today's caption competition.


Wavy said...

This caption lark's a piece of piss.

There's nothing in it!

LadyArse said...

If you read the competition it says at the end of the post to click the link where you'll be taken to the new site for the full competition....