Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arsenal Class Trumps City Cash

That turned out a lot better than most of you thought huh?

The first half started and things looked a little bit ominous. Through on goal Silva had a flick but Fabianski made a great save and kept the scores level with only a minute on the board. It was to prove an extremely important save as only a few minutes later Chamakh was chopped down by Boyata, the last man, and he was off. My initial thought was 'crap - I hate playing against 10 men.'

From that moment Clattenberg looked to even things up as he ignored tackles by Dejong which should have been yellow cards and booked Arsenal players all over the place. Eight tackles, four yellow cards, and our midfield trio of Denilson, Cesc and Song were all walking a tight rope along with Djourou who was having a bit of a mare it has to be said.

The Arsenal breakthrough came on 20 minutes when Arshavin and Nasri played a lovely one two and the Frenchman slammed the ball home. Up to that point Arshavin had looked his usual lazy and laboured self, but as we know, he can, and most often will, pop up with an integral pass or goal.

The assist from the Russian seemed to fire him up as not long after he was found covering left back admirable as Clichy struggled to recover from a foray to the centre-forward position. Quite what he was thinking I'm not too sure.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck all wrong with the De Jong tackles despite Febregas's continual crying. We're dealing with a child here. No complaints about our sending off though.

Arsenal Articles said...

Excellent performance by the lads again and Fabianski was brilliant

To the Man City fan above, I think the red card changed the game but it was the correct decision. And Fabregas is a world-class player so i do not know what you are on about.

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gooner said...
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gooner said...

De Jong is a criminal thug. In 2nd half we played the shorts off that overpaid lot.

Anonymous said...

I think Djourou played a lot better and absolutely unrecognisable from earlier games

Much happier with the CBs this year by any standard